Dr John Bradshaw ‘Rocks, climate changes and trees’

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Thursday, 26 April 2018 - 12:30pm

John will assemble an eclectic mix of his recent past adventures, including working on technical climate change solutions associated with his profession as a geologist, mixed with his passion for the natural environment, native plants and trees. His talk will examine the scale of the climate change problem, and why some of the recently proposed solutions are going to be difficult to implement unless there is a total “buy-in” from the whole community; technically, commercially and socially. Whilst his talk and messages will be sobering for some, it will demonstrate that despite the best of intentions of any of the participants in this issue, there is a need to focus on both the commercial scale, science and the politics, otherwise endless folly will ensue when one overwhelms the other.

John is by training a petroleum exploration geologist who had a long career with the Commonwealth government as the Chief Scientist at Geoscience Australia on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS); during which time he also worked as a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as an Australian technical delegate. He was a founding member of the ANBG Friends Native Plant “Growing Friends” Propagation Group, and since 2008 has owned and run a geological consulting firm working on environmental and geotechnical outcomes.