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We are a non-profit community organisation, incorporated under the ACT Associations Incorporations Act 1991.

Our administering body is the Friends’ Council, which consists of 9 elected members and ex officio (non-voting) members. Council members are elected at our Annual General Meeting; the most recent was on 20 October 2022. Current Council members are:

Executive members

President: Neville Page
Vice President: Linda Beveridge
Secretary: Julia Nicholls
Treasurer: Anne Holmes

Non-executive members

Christianna Cobbold, Alan Henderson, Louise Maher, Kerry Moir, Masumi Robertson

Ex officio members

Gardens’ Executive Director: Judy West
Gardens’ General Manager: Peter Byron
Gardens’ Friends Liaison: Megan Menz
Friends’ past president: Max Bourke

Subcommittees and Special Interest Groups 2021-2022

A number of sub-groups arrange activities for the Friends, and various committees are appointed by Council. Key members are:

Botanic Art Group

Wendy Antoniak (botanicart@friendsanbg.org.au)


David More (bulletin@friendsanbg.org.au)

Flowers, Fruit & Foliage

Ros Walcott (6161 2742)

Fronds Newsletter

Barbara Podger, Cathy Robertson, Sharon Abrahams, Denis Warne (newsletter@friendsanbg.org.au)

Growing Friends

Maurice Hermann (0429 361 256), John Connolly (6255 8695)  (growingfriends@friendsanbg.org.au)


Kerry Moir (guides@friendsanbg.org.au), Andrew Bettell (booked walks) (bookedwalks@friendsanbg.org.au)

IT Advisers

David More, Les Fielke (techsupport@friendsanbg.org.au)


Lesley Harland, Pam Cooke, Evelyn Jacobsen (membership@friendsanbg.org.au)

Photographic Group

Steven Playford (Convenor), Paul Bainton (Membership Secretary), Rodney Garnett, John Bundock (General Members) (photo@friendsanbg.org.au)

Plant Science Group

Roger Farrow (Convenor), John Busby (Deputy Convenor), John Fitzgerald, Lesley Harland, Margaret Webber, Zoe Knapp (plantscience@friendsanbg.org.au)

Projects Committee

Alan Henderson (Convenor), Sharon Abrahams, David Coutts, Lynne Curran, Wanda Filsell, Kristiane Herrmann, Ian Primrose

Schools Photo Competition

Cecilia Melano (schoolphoto@friendsanbg.org.au)

Seedy Volunteers


Social Events and Activities

Christianna Cobbold, Lynden Ayliffe (events@friendsanbg.org.au)

Thursday Talks

Linda Beveridge, Anthony Whalen, Barbara Hamburger, Elaine Staples (talks@friendsanbg.org.au)


Beth Tyerman, David More, Jennifer Barnes (website@friendsanbg.org.au)