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Female flowers on Allocasuarina littoralis      Photo: Jill More
Female flowers on Allocasuarina littoralis Photo: Jill More

There is never a ‘wrong time’ to visit the Australian National Botanical Gardens, and there are some special winter treats on display.

Apart from the many beautiful banksias, grevilleas and hakeas in flower at the moment, it is wonderful to see the unusual flowers of the wind-pollinated sheoaks (casuarinas), several of which are rare or threatened species and can be seen around the Visitor Information Centre.

We are a diverse group of people who love and support our beautiful Gardens – the world’s largest collection of Australian native plants. We have an extensive program of talks, visits and social events. There are many opportunities for members and visitors to meet, learn, grow and enjoy the riches of this very special place. This website will help you find events that most interest you.

We were formed in 1990 as a community support group for the Gardens. Since then we have raised and spent around $3/4 million on projects in the Gardens and now have 1700 members. And we support the Gardens in many other ways, such as leading guided walks to show visitors the wonders of the Gardens, and hands on support of research programs.




A booklet that lists nurseries and other sources of Australian native plants in the Canberra region has been published by Rosemary Blemings, a Friend and member of the Australian Native Plants Soci
Wednesday, 22 July 2015
The Constitution of the Friends has been comprehensively reviewed during 2015 by the Friends’ Council, and a draft has
Thursday, 9 July 2015
Planning is now getting underway for a new project to be supported by the Friends. Two areas of the melaleuca swamp area have been selected as possible sites for a commission to create a ‘unique, magical, whimsical site-specific gazebo among the trees’, to be elevated within the vegetation or tree canopy level. The gazebo will provide an informal wildlife-watching platform within the canopy for early morning bird watchers and walkers, and a resting place and shelter from the heat or rain. It is also planned as a place of imagination and delight for children visiting the Gardens.
Tuesday, 7 July 2015
Early in 2014 the Growing Friends were asked if some surplus benches from the ANBG nursery could be used as a better support basis for the propagated plants being raised. 
Monday, 6 July 2015
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