Another 'charring party' for the Treehouse

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Monday, 18 September 2017 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
Jim Gould charring Treehouse timber. Photo: Dave Bassett
Jim Gould charring Treehouse timber. Photo: Dave Bassett

There will be another opportunity for interested Friends to do (or observe) some charring for the Paperbark Treehouse.

Charring, called Shou Sugi Ban in Japanese, is a traditional technique for preserving timber. It is being used to finish and preserve the beams and cladding of the new Treeehouse.

Any would-be charrers (or observers) are asked to turn up at the site via the eastern boundary road and not through the construction site itself. The immediate Treehouse construction site will be out-of-bounds, and charring undertaken on the lawn as previously.

The dress rules will apply in terms of old robust clothing and there should be a couple of pairs of long gloves on hand, which were used on the inaugural charring day. Two blow torches will be available, and the training and charring may need to be rostered to avoid people standing around, depending on the numbers.