Library Connect September / October 2023

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This edition of Library Connect has the usual listing of new books and a couple of articles on Artificial Intelligence in education, research and the public sector. The library is staffed Mon - Fri 9.30 - 4.30 and Alex can also be contacted by email or phone (02 6250 9480) if you need assistance. The “click and collect” boxes in the Visitor Centre are still available for collecting or returning items if that’s easier for you.

For your interest:

UNESCO Digital Library, 2023
Guidance for generative AI in education and research
Miao, Fengchun; Holmes, Wayne.

Council of the European Union, Analysis and Research Team.
ChatGPT in the Public Sector – overhyped or overlooked?
Published: April 24, 2023.

New Books:

  • Naturescapes : How to design the natural Australian garden / Phillip Withers and AB Bishop ; with photography by Amelia Stanwix.
  • Taking to the field : a history of Australian women in science / Jane Carey.
  • Historic gardens of Perth : European settlement to modernism / editors John Viska & Lisa Williams.
  • An illustrated catalogue of Tasmanian mosses : Part 4 / R.D. Seppelt, S.J. Jarman, L.H. Cave.
  • Bush flowers : Australian flowers and foliage for decoration and design / Cassandra Hamilton and Michael Pavlou.
  • The Research data management workbook [electronic resource] / Kristin Briney
  • Biology and evolution of the Mollusca / Winston F. Ponder, David R. Lindberg, Juliet M. Ponder.
  • Annelida / Greg W. Rouse, Fredrik Pleijel, Ekin Tilic.
  • 100 Australian wildflowers / Mel Baxter.