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We are a non-profit community organisation, incorporated under the ACT Associations Incorporations Act 1991.

Our administering body is the Friends’ Council, which consists of 9 elected members and ex officio (non voting) members. Council members are elected at our Annual General Meeting; the most recent was on 27 September 2018. Current Council members are:

Executive members

President: Max Bourke
Vice President: Linda Beveridge
Secretary: Jann Ollerenshaw
Treasurer: Helen Elliot

Non-executive members

Wendy Antoniak, Lynden Ayliffe, Alan Henderson, David More

Ex officio members

Gardens’ Executive Director: Judy West
Gardens’ General Manager: Peter Byron
Gardens’ Friends Liaison: Megan Menz
Gardens’ staff representative: Rosella Hampshire
Friends’ past president: Lesley Jackman
Fronds representative: Barbara Podger
ANBG Guides' representative: Lesley King


The position of Patron is currently unoccupied.

Our Vice Patron is Mrs Marlena Jeffery

Portrait of Mrs Marlena Jeffery  

Subcommittees and Special Interest Groups 2018-2019

A number of sub-groups arrange activities for the Friends, and various committees are appointed by Council. Key members are:

Botanic Art groups

Helen Hinton (botanicart@friendsanbg.org.au),  Robin McKeown (6251 6249)

Growing Friends

Maurice Hermann (0429 361 256), John Connolly (6255 8695)  (growingfriends@friendsanbg.org.au)


Lesley King, Harley Dadswell (booked walks) (bookedwalks@friendsanbg.org.au)

Flowers, Fruit & Foliage

Ros Walcott (6161 2742)

IT Advisers

David More, Les Fielke (techsupport@friendsanbg.org.au)


Lesley Harland, Pam Cooke (membership@friendsanbg.org.au)

Fronds Newsletter

Barbara Podger, Anne Rawson, Cathy Robertson, Pam Rooney, Denis Warne (newsletter@friendsanbg.org.au)

Photographic Group

Jim Gould (Acting Convenor), Helen Dawes (Publicity Officer), Brian Muir (Ex-officio Member); Bill Hall, Suzanne Harrison, Anna Kieltyka (general members) (photo@friendsanbg.org.au)

Plant Science Group

John Busby (Convenor), Cath Busby, Murray Fagg, Lesley Harland (plantscience@friendsanbg.org.au)

Projects Committee

David Coutts (Convenor), Dennis Ayliffe, Jeff Brown, Kristiane Herrmann,  Ian Primrose

Schools Photo Competition

Cecilia Melano, Lynden Aycliffe (schoolphoto@friendsanbg.org.au)

Seedy Volunteers

John Fitzgerald (Co-ordinator)  (seedyvol@friendsanbg.org.au)

Social Events and Activities

Tricia Morton, Christiana Cobbold, Lynden Aycliffe (socialevents@friendsanbg.org.au)

Thursday Talks

Jan Finley (Convenor), Linda Beveridge, Sue Fyfe, Doug Laing, Rita Maclachlan, Elizabeth Truswell (talks@friendsanbg.org.au)


Alan Munns, Jill More, David More, Jane Keogh, Beth Tyerman  (website@friendsanbg.org.au)


Friends' Council Members 2018-19
Friends' Council Members 2018-19

Front (l-r): Jann Ollerenshaw, Max Bourke, David More
Back (l-r): Wendy Antoniak, Alan Henderson, Lynden Ayliffe, Lesley King
Inset: (top)  Helen Elliot, (below) Linda Beveridge


Minutes of Friends' Council Meetings:



Minutes archive


30th Annual General Meeting, 27 September 2018


AGM archive

Annual General Meetings: Archive


Nomination form for Friends Council (Word, 65 kB)

Other documents

Friends Constitution 2015 This new Constitution was agreed by members at the 2015 AGM and came into effect in November 2015.

Friends’ Strategic Plan 2016–2020 Approved by Friends Council in September 2016

Friends’ comments on draft ANBG Management Plan, January 2012

Guidelines for the Friends to fund projects in the ANBG

Memorandum of Understanding between Director of National Parks and Friends of the ANBG Revised 21 July 2016

A Short History of the Friends by Don Beer February 2015

Australian alpine plant research, conservation and management. Published by the Friends of the ANBG, October 2014



David Coutts' paper at ANPC conference October 2012