Library Connect, August 2022

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This month’s Library Connect (PDF, 742KB) has the usual listing of new books and a note about the referencing software EndNote X9.3.3.

The library is staffed Mon - Fri 9.30 - 4.30, but there are still restrictions on visitor numbers and, as the COVID situation is always evolving, please call or email before visiting. Visitors are encouraged to wear masks when possible. If you’re not on site, Alex can be contacted by email, phone or Teams if you need assistance.

The “click and collect” boxes in the Visitor Centre are still available for returning items, and Alex is very happy to leave items there for collection if that’s easier than visiting the library.

New Books include:

  • Discovering Australian flora: an Australian National Botanic Gardens experience / Fanny Karouta-Manasse
  • Unravelling the secret lives of plant root systems: voyages of discovery 'down under' in biodiverse vegetation of South West Australia with implications for cultivation and conservation of plants / Jon Pate, Tina Bell and Bill Verboom
  • Jewels of the bush: wild orchids of the Murray Region / Murray Local Land Services
  • A field guide to West Australian isopogons and petrophiles / R.M. Sainsbury
  • A guide to land snails of Australia / John Stanisic, Darryl Potter and Lorelle Stanisic
  • Wild nature: walking Australia's south east forests / John Blay
  • The Hidden kingdom of Fungi: exploring the microscopic world around us / Keith Seifert