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Eucalypt - issue 48 published

Eucalypt is the journal of the Australian Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens. It is published online twice a year and contains a wealth of information about botanic gardens around Australia.

The current issue has details of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Association at the ANBG on 20-21 May 2017. There are reports by Association officer holders. Read about birds and butterflies at the Arid Lands Botanic Garden, Port Augusta, guiding conference at the ANBG, WOMAD in Adelaide, low-tech propagation at Melton, developments at the National Arboretum, latest news from Orange, Melbourne, and Sydney and 150th anniversary celebrations at Warrnambool.

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Introducing David Taylor

David Taylor providing information to gathered Friends of the Gardens
David Taylor and Friends of the Gardens

David Taylor is the ANBG’s Curator of Living Collections.  David’s role regularly sees him working with the Friends in projects such as planting days, developing new gardens including the Asteraceae Garden and the Grassy Woodlands Garden.

Future opportunities will include the chance to contribute to the planned Banksia and Pomaderris Gardens and of course, the new Conservatory.

David sees collaboration as a key element in the development and evolution of the ANBG and the partnership with the Friends and Guides as an important element that ensures the Gardens continue to develop and evolve successfully.

Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens - website updated

The Australian Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens (AAFBG) is a not-for-profit incorporated association. It involves the community and supports the growth of Friends groups interested in the well-being and public appreciation of botanic gardens through their conservation and development, scientific, educational, historical, cultural and recreational functions. Members represent a range of botanic gardens and parks in regional and metropolitan areas throughout Australia. 


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