Martin Butterfield ‘The Wide Black Land: reflections on the Carwoola bushfires’

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Thursday, 31 August 2017 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

With his lifetime interest in birds, Martin will reflect on the responses to these fires by the vegetation, birds, animals and invertebrates in his garden and elsewhere as his property gradually recovers.

Martin Butterfield will talk about recent experience of the scale and impact of a bushfire on their property, particularly the reactions of the vegetation (both around the house and elsewhere on the property), birds, other vertebrates and invertebrates to the fires. The talk will briefly cover changes to the garden and elsewhere on the property in the recovery phase.

Martin Butterfield's bird interest began in his childhood in England, banding them for a hobby. As well as observing birds, he also contributes to data collections by Canberra Ornithologists Group and eBird. He also compiles a monthly report on birds seen by members of the Carwoola Community for the interest of members of that community. Through membership of the Australian Native Plants Society he has developed interest in plants and the various beasts that interact with them.