Sebastian Lang ‘Strategies for Australia to protect threatened species.’

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Thursday, 24 November 2016 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Australia is a country rich in unique plants and animals. They are core to our identity, culturally significant to Indigenous peoples, important to the health of our environment and a strong contributor to our economy. Our distinctive plants and animals are a gift and ours to protect.

The Australian Government has established a new national approach to threatened species. The Threatened Species Strategy is a plan for how we will prioritise effort and work in partnership with the community and state and territory governments over the next five years.

The Strategy sets out a road map and highlights how our approach of science, action and partnership can be used to achieve the long-term goal of reversing species declines and supporting species recovery.

Sebastian Lang is the Director of the Office of the Threatened Species Commissioner. He will deliver this talk on behalf of Gregory Andrews, Australia’s first Threatened Species Commissioner. Mr Andrews was appointed to bring a new national focus to conservation efforts and address the growing number of species in Australia facing extinction. The Commissioner’s role is to consult on, and raise awareness and support for, threatened species in the community.