Dr Helen Cleugh ‘ Earth System and Climate Change Science for a Productive and Resilient Australia'

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Thursday, 17 November 2016 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Helen, Leader of CSIRO’s Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, will outline Australia’s national capability in weather and climate prediction, observation and research.


The Australian government's National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) was launched in 2014 with the goal of providing the environmental research needed to inform Australian decision makers; with a focus on biodiversity and climate. The Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub is a national partnership, bringing together world‐leading capability in multi-disciplinary Earth system science and modelling to provide the information needed to support a productive and resilient Australia.
The Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub was established in 2015. This presentation will provide an overview of the Hub’s research priorities, goals and outcomes; along with the overarching research plan. With a strong outcome‐focus, commitment to significant stakeholder engagement, and links to the other five NESP Hubs (Threatened Species, Clean Air and Urban Landscapes, Marine Biodiversity, Tropical Water Quality and Northern Australia Resources), the Hub provides an opportunity to ensure that environmental decision and policy-making is informed by the best available climate science.


Helen Cleugh (Leader Earth Systems and Climate Hub, CSIRO) is an atmospheric scientist with almost 30 years’ experience combining research discovery, delivery and leadership. Her research expertise lies in quantifying the interactions between the land surface and the atmosphere, and their effects on weather, climate and hydrology; and water-use and carbon uptake. She is currently a Chief Research Scientist in CSIRO (Oceans and Atmosphere), where she leads the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub. This Hub is a research consortium funded by the Australian government’s National Environmental Science Programme (www.environment.gov.au/science/nesp). The Hub’s goal to ensure that decision-making in Australia is effectively informed by an understanding of Australia’s and future climate. Prior to taking on the Hub leader role, Helen was a senior leader of climate and atmospheric research within CSIRO. In collaboration with national research providers and funders, Helen had responsibility for delivering the research needed for Australia to manage the challenges and opportunities of a changing and variable climate.