Eucalypt Lawn Succession Planning

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The Eucalypt working group, headed up by Murray Fagg, is working with artist Pamillle Berg to develop a succession plan for the Eucalypt lawn.

The concept sketch shows the proposed changes. Some additional species will be planted but it is accepted that it is essential to keep plenty of space for activities. Views from the Eucalypt Lawn to the Red Centre Garden and the city will be retained.

The plants for the redeveloped Eucalypt Lawn are being grown in the Nursery.

It is difficult to grow grass under the eucalypts and some areas are currently being renovated. Australian grasses which can handle pedestrian traffic, such as Microlaena spp, will be introduced. Grass-covered banks, on which children can roll, will be included in the open areas.

Suitable positions for public art have been identified.

Some trees have been identified for removal because they are either unsafe or require expensive maintenance. However, the old Stringybark in which the Tawny Frogmouth has nested for many years will be retained in a garden bed where there is no sitting space underneath it.