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Seed sorting in the Seed Bank
Seed sorting in the Seed Bank


To bring together some activities and contributions by the Friends that have emerged in the last few years it has been decided to establish a Plant Science group. This will be the umbrella for the more research oriented activities of the Friends in the future. Initially the group will contribute to the review of the Botanical Resource Centre that is due to commence soon and continue to organize a monthly series of technical talks and workshops. It is also envisaged that the group will act as the umbrella for volunteer involvement in research projects such as various seed collection projects and a pending stocktake of the ANBG collection.

This group will welcome those who have an interest in the more scientific side of the gardens and native plants. If you are interested in participating in such a Plant Science Group please let us know by emailing You will then be informed about proposed activities as they arise, including research projects where volunteer assistance is required. Information about projects will also be posted on the Friends website as appropriate.

A short meeting for all who are interested will be held on Wednesday 6 May following the talk for Botanic Resource Centre facilitators - details here.