Centenary Chat: Peter Ollerenshaw and Cathy Franzi ‘Developing and Interpreting Correa ‘Canberra Bells’

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Thursday, 11 April 2013 - 12:30pm

The Correa ‘Canberra Bells’ was selected as the floral emblem for Canberra’s Centenary celebrations and has become part of Australia’s botanic heritage. Nurseryman Peter Ollerenshaw will talk about developing ‘Canberra Bells’, while ceramicist Cathy Franzi will discuss interpreting this Correa artistically. 

This plant was developed at the Bywong Nursery, established by Peter and Jennifer Ollerenshaw in 1984; the nursery has a programme of breeding and selecting new varieties of Australian plants, including cultivars of  Correas, Leptospermum, and Grevillea. 

Cathy Franzi researches the representation of Australian flora in the ceramic medium. She initially studied botany in a BSc from Sydney University and is currently a PhD Candidate in the Ceramics Department at the ANU School of Art. Her arts practice spans twenty years and has included teaching ceramics to children in schools, specialised courses at the Canberra Potters’ Society and tutoring at the undergraduate level.