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2017 Australasian Botanic Gardens Volunteer Guides Conference - Informed Guiding: Discovering the mystery and magic of our Gardens

ANBG Tours on Sunday

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ANBG Tours on Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, from 2:00 pm, guides will take you on orientation walks through the Gardens. These walks will orient you to the features and facilities of the Gardens and introduce you to some of the highlights of the ANBG. The orientation walks will take place on an as needs basis, the last at  3:30 pm. There will be one tour on the Flora Explorer minibus leaving at 2.30pm. There is no need to book for these walks and tour.

There are also a number of self-guided walks around the Gardens.

You will, however, have to book for the night guided walk when you register online. Numbers will be limited so book early. There is a charge for this walk, to cover the cost of the ANBG staff who are required to be on duty.

Night Guided Walks

The ANBG offers night walks in the Gardens occasionally. They are immensely popular and are always booked out well in advance.

The night guided walk starts at 7:30 pm on Sunday. Light refreshments will be served. You will be guided through the Rainforest Gully, past the Rock Garden, across the Eucalypt Lawn to the Red Centre Garden.

There is an intimacy to the Rainforest at night that you will not experience during the day time – a spotlight trained on the gleaming white trunk of a solitary, tall Eucalypt; or a tangle of vines, twisting their way anti-clockwise towards the canopy of the forest. Small lights along the route throw some light on to the path and guide you on your way through the darkness of the Rainforest.

If we are lucky enough to have a warm night on Sunday, there will be a chorus of Eastern Banjo frogs in the Rockery ponds, en route to the Red Centre Garden.

The short walk from the Rainforest to the Red Centre Garden takes you from Intimacy to Immensity – the flat, treeless Red Centre Garden is an ideal place to stargaze. Sunday night will be a moonless night, providing a canopy of stars in place of the tree canopy that you left behind in the Rainforest.

Orientation Walks

The orientation walks will orient you to the features and facilities of the Gardens and introduce you to some of the highlights of the ANBG. They will be offered on Sunday afternoon, on an as-needs basis.

Flora Explorer Tour

Flora Explorer, our electric people-mover, can seat twelve people. This tour takes you to the top of the Gardens, which the other walks will not be able to do within the allocated time.

There will be only one Flora Explorer tour on Sunday afternoon, leaving at 2:30 pm.

Self-guided Walks

Flowers Fruit Foliage self-guided walk

Aboriginal Plant Use self-guided walk

Eucalypt Discovery self-guided walk

There are a number of self-guided walks within the ANBG. Brochures about these walks, with maps and interpretive information, are available from the Visitor Centre between 9:30am and 4:30pm. A self-guided walk would be a good way to see the Gardens independently on Sunday afternoon, after registering and before the night guided walk.

Flowers, Fruit and Foliage is produced every fortnight by ANBG Friends, Ben and Ros Walcott. This walk takes you past plants that are of particular interest at the moment. The brochure has a map and you will recognise the points of interest by the numbered green posts next to them.

The ANBG has about a third of all native Australian flora. Many of these plants are used by the Indigenous people of Australia. A self-guided walk, the Aboriginal Plant Use Trail, taking in 27 different plants, is a good way to learn about the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Indigenous people. This walk starts from the Visitor Centre.

Ask any visitors to Australia (and many Australian residents as well) what plant they identify immediately with Australia and they will probably say ‘gum trees’. The Eucalypt Discovery Walk starts outside the Visitor Centre, where brochures are available, and takes you past 20 interesting Eucalypts.






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