New Home for Spiny Bushfire Survivor - Canberra Times August 10, 2010

Tree of Trees - Canberra Times September 2, 2010


New Home for Spiny Bushfire Survivor

Acknowledgement :  By Graham Downie, The Canberra Times, Tuesday August 10, 2010

20 of these grass trees are to be planted at The Australian National Botanic Gardens.


Tree of Trees

On 1st September (Wattle Day) a new exhibit of 100 wattles, arranged in a 'family tree' to show
the evolutionary history of the species in Australia, was opened on the old Nursery site
above the Eucalypt lawn.

Acknowledgement :  Article by Pryor, Sally, 2010. 'The Canberra Times', Thursday, September 2, 2010, p9


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